We are proud of the results 3:13 has accomplished on behalf of our clients. Here are just a few of our case studies:

  • Quota Attainment: +12% to YAG
  • Results vs Prior Year: +18%
  • New Doors Opened: 28
  • Broker of the Year Recipient

Grow sales in 200+ small to mid-tier accounts and open new doors in multiple trade classes.


Increase presence and expand market share, thus accelerating revenue at a lower cost of sales. Grew the program from $2.9MM to $9.3MM in 3 years.

3:13 Sales Group has continued to drive sales with their customer base. YTD sales have reached $1.8mm, up +25% vs. YAG. They also found ways to drive incremental sales with Displays. They are constantly prospecting for new customers and has added 7 new customers this year who were previously unserved. Their passion for the business pays off year-after-year in double digit growth." - Current Infant/Childcare Client
  • Quota Attainment: +26% to YAG
  • Results vs Prior Year: +30%
  • Broker of the Year Recipient

Provide dedicated focus to 116 direct customers to grow sales and market share in Drug, Food, Dollar, Institutional, and eCommerce channels.


Deploy a dedicated sales professional, along with sales support, to grow these customers in excess of $10MM in annual sales.

I could tell at our first intro meeting…this was going to be a great partnership, a win/win scenario for both companies, and that we would really matter to Steve and his team.” – Current HBC Client
  • Quota Attainment: +35%
  • Results vs Prior Year: +44%
  • 49 New Doors opened in 6 months

Increase presence and expand market share with customers that have been neglected for several years.


Provide dedicated sales focus to approximately 700 small to mid-tier accounts within the Entertainment and Leisure class-of-trade.

Once again I am excited, but not surprised by the success 3:13 Sales Group is having with the Gift and Specialty channels. I am extremely pleased with the numbers you've delivered. Through February, our volume at 3:13 Sales Group is up $231K over last year! This team is on a roll and on track to double our base of business! Great job by the 3:13 team!' – Current Gift and Specialty Client

Educate customers about the ability to purchase our client's entire line of product, not just one or two categories.


Proactively sell our client's entire product line to more than 180 small dealers throughout the country.

It’s been a great [year] and I look forward to seeing what you are able to achieve in [the future]! I’m showing you crushed your sales numbers for January versus previous year! Nice job to start off the year!" – Current Housewares Client

We believe our people can help you win by:

  • Building new revenue streams by opening new classes-of-trade
  • Allowing your existing sales force to focus on core business
  • Accelerating revenue at a lower cost of sales
  • Increase speed-to-market
  • Effectively launch new products
Hands down, the best decisions I have ever made in my in 25 years of being in consumer sales, was making the switch and taking our business over to 3:13 Sales Group…Their results speak for themselves, and the sales numbers don’t lie!" - Current HBC Client